Ghana tourism

Before you travel


Almost all visitors of Ghana need a Visa (except the ECOWAS nationals). Tourist visa for visitors should be arranged in advance. For more information visit the nearest ghanian embassy.


Before visiting Ghana, you may need to get the vaccinations and medications for vaccine-preventable diseases and other diseases you might be at risk for at your destination. Yellow fever vaccination and malaria prophilaxis in Ghana is highly recommended 4 to 6 weeks before you leave to take effect of prevent diseases. You need to discuss with your doctor.

Coming to Ghana

There are regular flights to Ghana from almost everywhere. Best connections are from Europe, USA and Asia. The Kotoka international airport is the main gateway to the country. Most flights are coming in the evening, so try to get a hotel reservation in advance, and also ask for airport pick-up! On this page you can find many hotels offering this service.

Where to go


The capital and largest city of Ghana is the most important administrative and transportation hub. It is a centre of culture and turism with many nightclubs, restaurants and hotels. It´s a city for the first impression just „steaming hot“ and there are many places to see, and explore. You can visit many hot spots in Accra such as museums, National Theatre, Indepenedence arch. and square. The best places for shopping and see the „ghanian way of life“ visit huge markets. Travellers arround Ghana will cross Accra many times.

Ada Foah

Ada is the place where locals go for holidays and also main tourism center with its beaches and offer many attractions and services. The Volta river meets the ocean and its famous for swimming, sailing, fishing and boat cruises. There is no better place in Ghana, where you can go with your family for a weekend trip away from Accra! Enjoy the sun, ocean breeze and relax....

Here are some more reasons to come to Ada Foah.

Cape Coast

This former European colonial capital was once the largest slave trading centre in West africa. Cape coast is today an easy-going fisherman town with rich history. The Cape coast castle is the main attraction of the town, where the slaves were held by former british colonists for transporting across Atlantic ocean and sold them for raw materials. There is also an interesting museum with photos and artefacts inside the castle. One of the favourite tourist attraction is a lighthouse built in 17th century. The historical centre is small, but you can visit the fortress on the hill, markets in town, or just walk arround. Don´t forget to take your camera. You will need it to get the best photos of town!

Just next city west from Cape coast is Elmina. The highlight of this town is Elmina castle, also known for trading with slaves. Take a lunch near the castle and enjoy the beautiful view. You can stop on the way back on the beach and just relax. This is a very relaxing daytrip.

One hour drive north from Cape coast is the Kakum national park with its famous „canopy walk“. You can walk up in the trees and enjoy very nice view of nature from high. Kakum national park is the one of the most diverse and best preserved national parks in West Africa. It´s a home of many animal species, where can be found only on this place. To take a journey across the park is possible with a guide and, it´s one the favourite attractions of the park, or stay overnight here.


Kumasi is the largest city of Ashanti kingdom located about 250km northwest from Accra. This location is famous for its gold mines and history of Ashanti people, who established laws and constitution in this region. Kumasi is popularly known as "The Garden City" of Ghana for its beatiful species of plants and flowers. There are many attractions in town, the zoo, or the large market in central town.

The city is situated near the Bosumtwee lake surrounded by lush green hills, in which you can hike, visiting some of the small villages around its perimeter. Also very relaxing activity is to make a picnic by the lake and enjoy its quiet atmosphere.