Take a look at our Hotels in Ada Foah

Here is a list of hotels in Ada Foah, which are the members of the Ada Hotels Association. They are more than prepared to ensure that, your stay in Ghana is a great choice. You are assured of Ghanaian hospitality of friendliness, broad smiles and quality services.

Dreamland Beach resort – premium member

5 budget bamboo rooms and 4 comfortable guesthouse rooms s/c, seaview. Our Ghanaian- German resort is situated just in the front of the beach in Ada Foah and close to the Volta estuary. You will find yourselves in a green oasis with lot of activities to do.

We offer nice and clean accommodation for all kinds of travelers. You can choose from our bamboo rooms with terrace, apartment with private bathroom or comfortable apartments with sea view terrace.

Our restaurant serves delicious Ghanaian and continental dishes. All ingredients are fresh and home cooked. You can enjoy our German coffee, pancakes with chocolate, tagliatelle with pesto or Tuna fish with Thai rice. You will love it!

We also organize guided trips on the Volta river, estuary and to the islands with our motorboat. Relax on the beach in estuary where the Volta meets the sea. You can also explore the secret of sugarcane rum distillery. In the night, you can go turtle-watching with wildlife guides…


Built in 1933 by a local and now newly renovated and equip with five fully furnish guest rooms with own bath, fan, Air-condition and TV. Situated in the middle of the community in Ada-Foah and enmeshed between the Volta River and the Atlantic Ocean. You can relax at the “hidden garden” in the back of the house in shadow of the trees.

For reservation visit: www.ezime-guesthouse.com


Maks Resort and Guest House is located on the banks of the Volta River at Soli Korpe, a suburb of Ada-Foah. All rooms are self contained with own bath, TV, Air-condition and an instant water heater. Restaurant and outside bar are situated in the nice garden.

For reservation visit: www.maksresort.com or email to: maksresortada@gmail.com


  • budget
  • +233-245112590

Amate Kope Guest House situated on the banks of the Volta River at Soli korpe in Ada-Foah. This self contained facility has a total of sixteen rooms with ceiling fan, small table top fridge in all rooms. Restaurant and bar facilities are not available. It hosts the “doubleheaded” coconut tree in its garden.

For reservation call: +233-245112590 / +233-2000100381 Mr. James Korley Amate/Fredrick Dankwa no e-mail, no internet page


  • budget
  • +233-204089696

Home Lodge is a newly constructed facility with eight {8} beautiful rooms, located in nice garden, 100m from the local community radio station in Big Ada. All rooms are fix with fan and Air-condition, and a common sitting space and fridge usually fill with water and drinks for all guest. They provide only accommodation without breakfast. Restaurant facility is not available but the neighbor Kemmat hotel would be a better option for guest lodging at here.

For reservation call: +233-204089696 / +233-302968132, no e-mail, no internet page


  • 2 STAR
  • +233-302921289

Kenmat Hotel is a newly constructed hotel with a total of thirty {30} fully furnished rooms with fans, air-conditions, TVs and small table top fridges. Besides, it is a serene place with GYM, pool table, bar, restaurant and a night club. Located, just 30m after the local community radio station.

For reservation call: +233-302921289


  • budget
  • +233-246135999

Emmanuel Guest House is built to cater for locals people, who mostly patronage the community for funerals and other activities like festivals. With sixteen basic rooms, it is located along the Kasseh to Ada main road, close to Sanakey korpe junction. Some of the rooms are self contained without Air-condition but fix with fan only. Restaurant and bar facilities are not available.

For reservation call: +233-246135999 / +233-548541353, no e-mail, no webpage


  • budget
  • +233-243035562

Pilolo Guest House newly and nicely built to cater for both locals and foreign tourist. It has seven {7} rooms, all fix with own bath, Air-condition, fan, TV, and fridge. There is a bar where guest could enjoy a cool drink or water but without a restaurant. Situated at the entrance of Gome along the Kasseh to Ada main road after Sanakey korpe junction.

For reservation call: +233-243035562, no e-mail, no webpage


Peace Holiday Resort is presently the biggest resort in Ada, located on the banks of Volta river. With thirty five {35} fully furnish suites and standard rooms. Restaurant, bar, conference rooms and swimming pool are available.

For reservation visit: www.peaceholidayresort.com or email to: info@peaceholidayresort.com


  • budget
  • +233-244065760

Brightest Hotel and Spot is located at the entrance of Ada-Foah just before the Ada-Foah government Clinic junction. Its entire sixteen {16} self contained rooms are install with own bath, fan and Air-condition with a TV. Restaurant and bar services are available.

For reservation please call: +233-244065760 / +233-269940822, no e-mail, no webpage


  • budget
  • +233-243010353

Kumodzi Guest House situated between the Clinic junction in Ada-Foah and the Pentecostal church. It is a very quite and friendly place. Some of its rooms are fix with air-condition, fan and own bath while others are not. Restaurant {mostly local meals} and bar services are available to guest.

For reservation call: +233-243010353/+233-244143026, no e-mail, no webpage


Tsarley Korpe Resort located on the banks of the Volta River and close to the former Manet Paradise. Its entire six large {6} rooms are fully furnish with its own facilities. This calm, but very welcoming resort is a good alternative to all visitors who wants to experience the local activities. Bar, restaurant and swimming pool facilities are available.

For reservation visit: www.tsarleykorpeybeachresort.com


  • budget
  • +233-240647911

Sunset Beach Resort is situated at Otrokpe along the Dreamland and Cocoloko beach resort road and close to the sea. Its thirty self contained rooms are all fix with fans, TVs and an own bath. It is nice space suitable for group related activities of local visitors. Restaurant and bar services are provided, you can use also the terrace.

For reservation call: +233-240647911


Cocoloko Beach Resort is located at Totimekorpe, very close to Dreamland beach resort. It has a total of twenty two solid build local round houses, with a restaurant, and bar attach. The resort is recommended for local groups who love to party.

For reservation call: +233-244186075 or e-mail to: cocoloko@gmail.com


Maranatha Beach Camp is located in the estuary area of Ada Foah near fishing community. To come here, you need to rent a boat. It has 22 very basic huts with double beds. Rooms have not solid ground only beach sand. The toilet and shower are shared. There are also family huts with sleeping facilities for 6 persons. The area is good for other activities like boat trip and watersports.

For reservation call: +233-243528248 or e-mail to: winfredmaranatha@gmail.com


  • budget

African Midas Beach Camp is just next to Maranatha in the estuary of Volta river near Ada Foah. The 12 huts have solid ground, double beds and basic equipment. Provide shared toilet and shower. You can hire the boat, or rent a jet ski here.

For reservation call: +233-246594173 or e-mail to: midasgroove@yahoo.com


Paps Beach Camp is located near Ananui in village Agorkedzi /from Ada direction to Keta across the estuary/. To come here you have to call the owner, or hire a boat. Camp has 5 basic hut with double beds, shared toilett and bucket shower. This place is on a nice, lonely beach with a lot of palms. Outside bar is available.

For reservation call: +233-246594173 or e-mail to: papsbeachresort@gmail.com